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Santa Rosa Attorney David J. Hamilton

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Law
Santa Rosa attorney David Hamilton has experience in a wide range of criminal issues, both felony and misdemeanor, adult and juvenile. This experience includes work on such charges as weapon’s possession, child molestation, assault, felony assault with great bodily injury, drug sales/possession, DUI and domestic violence. More recently, he has experience a high success rate with Oppositions to Law Enforcement Asset Forfeiture.

Sonoma County and Santa Rosa Restrining Orders

Restraining Orders
David Hamilton's law office provides services in regard to Elder Abuse Protection, Workplace Violence, Domestic Violence, and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. We have represented both the Plaintiff as well as the Defendant. David has prevailed in numerous restraining order trials as well as the all-important initial Order to Show Cause Hearing.

Santa Rosa Family Law

Child Custody
Mr. Hamilton was formerly a Child Custody Evaluator and uses his experience to provide clients with compassionate and comprehensive representation in Child/Spousal Support and Divorce cases. This also provides him with the ability to prepare and guide each client throughout the Family Court Services Mediation process.

Related issues 
Because of the variety of issues he has addressed in Family Law and his wide range of experience in law enforcement, David is able to use this insight to help expedite the process of challenging venue or jurisdiction and restoring a primary custodial parent’s rights.

Wills, Trust and Related Documents-David J. Hamilton Santa Rosa Law Firm

Wills & Trusts
The Law Office of David J. Hamilton can prepare Trust packages at a reasonable price. These packages include Wills, Living Trusts, Advance Health Care Directives, and a Durable Power of Attorney.

Investigation of Others-David J. Hamilton Santa Rosa Law Firm

Detailed Investigation Services
Having spent 27 years working in law enforcement, Mr. Hamilton is well versed in investigating people.  He has a broad network of peers that includes retired peace officers who are licensed private investigators.  To help locate absconders for Service of Process, our firm also subscribes to person/asset search systems.

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About David. Hamilton Law Firm

Former Deputy Probation OfficerSanta Rosa Lawyer David J. Hamilton

Attorney David J. Hamilton's Santa Rosa, California law practice makes communication with his clients a priority. Retired from the County of Sonoma after 27 years in law enforcement, Mr. Hamilton uses that experience to help others by explaining the complicated court process in simple to understand terms. His professional experience includes:

David received his Juris Doctor Degree from the Empire College School of Law

David received his Juris Doctor Degree from the Empire College School of Law, where he was a Student Mentor for their Elder Law Clinic. David received the Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in the subjects of Contract Law and Criminal Procedure.

Administrative Assistant Danielle Hamilton

Administrative Assistant Danielle HamiltonAdministrative Assistant Danielle Hamilton uses her 14 years of experience working for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and the Sonoma County Probation Department to her advantage in managing our criminal caseload. Prior to joining David’s firm, Danielle worked on the jail’s correction side of the Sheriff’s Department. She later transferred to the Probation Department’s Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) Unit at the North County Detention Facility. Danielle was part of a team of probation staff that dealt with drug testing, cleaning and installation of monitoring equipment, and the supervision of those serving out their sentence at home. She regularly met with probationers to ensure their compliance with each individual’s probation conditions such as AA/NA meeting attendance, Domestic Violence Counseling, and/or Drunk Driving Program (DDP). She also conducted the breath and urinalysis testing of SEC program participants to verify they were not in violation of their probation while teaching recovery skills and encouraging them to remain clean and sober.

Danielle left her career in law enforcement to join her dad when he decided to pursue other avenues of law and begin his own practice. Her duties now range from general reception, such as answering the phones to screen potential clients and calendar a free initial consultation, to coordinating between our clients’ obligations to fulfill post-sentencing requirements with Alternate Sentencing Programs. She drafts Discovery Requests to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office on various criminal matters, as well as prepares a Waiver of Appearance (to avoid a client having to take unpaid time off from work) unless their appearance is required by the court. Because of her previous work experience in law enforcement, Danielle is able to use this insight into the "inner workings" of the detention facilities and probation department to guide our clients throughout the entire criminal justice system.

Certified Law Clerk Andrew Conway

Certified Law Clerk Andrew ConwayAndrew Conway is a fourth year law student at the Empire College School of Law, and now works here as a Certified Law Clerk. This means that Andrew is allowed to make court appearances with Mr. Hamilton. Andrew was born in Germany and later lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for two years, where he learned to speak Spanish. Andrew plans to graduate with his Juris Doctor Degree next April and take the California State Bar exam next July.

Prior to entering Law School, Andrew used to be a caseworker for “Project Intercept” a diversion program for criminal offenders. He also formerly interned for Legal Aid of Sonoma County, where he assisted in free legal representation for Domestic Violence cases. Andrew has had the great opportunity to represent victims of domestic violence at their initial hearings to try and obtain a permanent Domestic Violence restraining order. He never lost a Restraining Order request! Andrew’s goals are to finish Law School and to continue to work here at the Law Office, assisting Family law, Domestic Violence, and Criminal defense clients.

Legal Assistant Priscilla Ponce

Legal Assistant Priscilla PonceLegal Assistant Priscilla Ponce was welcomed by the Law Office earlier this year. She has a significant background in office management, inventory, bookkeeping, personnel administration and taking fiscal responsibility from her years of managing 2 large food distribution corporations. She also has several years of experience doing translation for Spanish speaking people.

Priscilla welcomed working in Family Law, and assisted Mr. Hamilton in prevailing in a trial during the first week of her employment. Priscilla is regularly utilized by our clients to interpret in Court and at Family Court Services mediation. Priscilla's warm yet wild personality endears our clients to her. They know that they can count on her to help explain the very complicated legal process in more simple terms. Our clients love her, and she makes them feel comfortable. Priscilla is here to help anyone who needs legal assistance in Spanish.

When she is not working at the Law Office, Priscilla practices cooking Mexican food like Pollo Mol'e. She is also known for her fresca lemon Margaritas con Pina!

Monkey "Munkett" Hamilton Distinguished Office Greeter

Monkey "Munkett" Hamilton Distinguished Office GreeterMonkey "Munkett" Hamilton is the distinguished office greeter. We have a canine friendly office. Monkey takes delight in cheering up our clients when they first arrive to meet with us and are frightened or upset. Monkey likes wearing his tuxedo when he is at work to show off his professional performance. Monkey keeps the office staff on their toes, and delights in sharing their hidden snacks. Monkey has been coming to work since he was a few weeks old. He delights in the new clients that he meets on a daily basis. Monkey's future plans include keeping felines out of the office, warning us if an unwanted person enters the front door, and staying warm in his bed under Danielle's desk.


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